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Publications [#345685] of Tobias Overath

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Journal Articles

  1. Kikuchi, Y; Kumar, S; Baumann, S; Overath, T; Gander, PE; Sedley, W; Patterson, RD; Petkov, CI; Griffiths, TD (2019). The distribution and nature of responses to broadband sounds associated with pitch in the macaque auditory cortex.. Cortex; a Journal Devoted to the Study of the Nervous System and Behavior, 120, 340-352. [doi]
    (last updated on 2021/03/07)

    The organisation of pitch-perception mechanisms in the primate cortex is controversial, in that divergent results have been obtained, ranging from a single circumscribed 'pitch centre' to systems widely distributed across auditory cortex. Possible reasons for such discrepancies include different species, recording techniques, pitch stimuli, sampling of auditory fields, and the neural metrics recorded. In the present study, we sought to bridge some of these divisions by examining activity related to pitch in both neurons and neuronal ensembles within the auditory cortex of the rhesus macaque, a primate species with similar pitch perception and auditory cortical organisation to humans. We demonstrate similar responses, in primary and non-primary auditory cortex, to two different types of broadband pitch above the macaque lower limit in both neurons and local field potential (LFP) gamma oscillations. The majority of broadband pitch responses in neurons and LFP sites did not show equivalent tuning for sine tones.

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