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Publications [#251880] of Warren G. Hall

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Journal Articles

  1. Changizi, MA; Hall, WG (2001). Thirst modulates a perception.. Perception, 30(12), 1489-1497. [11817755], [doi]
    (last updated on 2023/09/29)

    Does thirst make you more likely to think you see water? Tales of thirsty desert travelers and oasis mirages are consistent with our intuitions that appetitive state can influence what we see in the world. Yet there has been surprisingly little scrutiny of this appetitive modulation of perception. We tested whether dehydrated subjects would be biased towards perceptions of transparency, a common property of water. We found that thirsty subjects have a greater tendency to perceive transparency in ambiguous stimuli, revealing an ecologically appropriate modulation of the visual system by a basic appetitive motive.

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