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Publications [#63200] of Mark W. Dewhirst

Papers Published

  1. Samulski, T.V. and Grant, W.J. and Oleson, J.R. and Leopold, K.A. and Dewhirst, M.W. and Vallario, P. and Blivin, J., Clinical experience with a multi-element ultrasonic hyperthermia system: analysis of treatment temperatures, Int. J. Hyperth. (UK), vol. 6 no. 5 , pp. 909 - 22
    (last updated on 2007/04/14)

    A summary of tumour temperature data obtained from 31 patients who underwent 147 hyperthermia treatments with the Sonotherm 1000 ultrasonic system is presented. The treatment goal was to achieve a minimum of 42.0°C in tumour for 60 min duration with normal tissues remaining below 43.0°C. In 83% of treatments at least one measured tumour temperature reached or exceeded 42.0°C at some time during the treatment. Nineteen per cent of these treatments had a time- and spatial-averaged temperature (measured in tumour)⩾42.0°C. A variety of anatomical sites were treated and these were grouped into four categories: groin/trunk, axilla, breast/chest wall and head/neck. Measured temperatures in tumours located in the groin and trunk sites were significantly higher (22%⩾42°C) than other locations. The head and neck treatment temperatures were significantly lower (8% of measured points ⩾42°C)

    biomedical ultrasonics;biothermics;radiation therapy;

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