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Name and Description Email Address
Alisha Anaya
Jonese Austin
Joella Bitter
RESEARCH INTERESTS: Research Interests: Sound/noise, reconstruction, political ecology/economy, materiality and sensation, time/space, postcolonial/social theory, Uganda/Africa
DEGREES: Ph.D. at Duke University. , 2020
Felix Borthwick
Jieun Cho
Can Evren
RESEARCH INTERESTS: Research Interests: My research is on the history of soccer in Turkey and how this popular sport circulates contrasting ideas about European culture and is subjected multiple European-inspired models of social and political organization. I explore the contrasting functions of Germany and England as both diplomatic and economic collaborators or rivals in Turkish history, rival transnational routes for soccer exchanges, and as historically enduring tropes for distinguishing between different models of competitive organization in soccer.
Sophia Goodfriend
Shuyu He
Joseph Hiller
Lexi Holloway
Jing Hao Liong
Boyang Ma
Joanna Marbaniang
Dana McLachlin
Kasyoka Mwanzia
Koffi Nomedji
John Sabogal Venegas
Srishti Sadhir
Summer Steenberg
Dubie Toa-Kwapong
Elly Veloria
Yidi Zheng
Samar Zora

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