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Decision Sciences : Research Interests


  1. Robert T Clemen, Decision Models, Decision Analysis
  2. Dan J Laughhunn, Risk Management, Capital Budgeting, Managerial Economics, Finance, Risk Attitudes of Professional Managers
  3. Robert F. Nau, Mathematical Modeling of Decision-Making, Modeling of Rational Decision-Making Under Uncertainty in Games and Markets, Decision Models, Statistical Forecasting
  4. Robert L. Winkler, Risk Analysis, Decision Making Under Uncertainty, Probability Forecasting, Combining Forecasts, Bayesian Inference

Associate Professors with Tenure

  1. Aleksandar S. Pekec, Auctions and Market Design; Decision-making in Competitive Environments; Quantitative Methods in Managerial Decision-making (statistics, optimization); Transitional Economies of Central and Eastern Europe

Associate Professors

  1. Peng Sun, Decision Models, Quantitative Methods for Decision Making, Mathematical Optimization, Dynamic Programming, and Sequential Decision Making

Assistant Professors

  1. David B. Brown, Decision models, risk theory, optimization, statistical learning, financial applications

Research Professors

  1. Ralph L. Keeney, Models of Decisions Involving Multiple Objectives, Decision Analysis in Complex Corporate and Governmental Problems, Risk Analysis Involving Life-threatening Risks, Structuring Decisions and Creating Innovative Alternatives


  1. Paula N. Ecklund, Business Computing, Information Management

Professors of the Practice

  1. John P. Gallagher, Computer Applications in Marketing and Marketing Research

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