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Marketing : Research Interests


  1. Dan Ariely, Behavioral Economics
  2. James R. Bettman, Consumer Behavior, Decision Making, Emotion and Choice
  3. William Boulding, Management and Leadership; Strategy and Firm Performance; Managerial Decision-Making and Consumer Response
  4. Tanya L. Chartrand, Consumer Behavior, Social Psychology, Social Cognition, Automaticity and Nonconscious Processes, Research Methods
  5. Preyas S Desai, Marketing Management, Distribution Channels, Marketing of Durable Goods
  6. Gavan J. Fitzsimons, Marketing Strategy, Entrepreneurial Marketing, Consumer Behavior
  7. Joel C Huber, High-Technology Marketing, Marketing Strategy
  8. Wagner A. Kamakura, Marketing Engineering, Marketing Research, Pricing and Sales Promotions
  9. Mary Frances Luce, Health Care Marketing, Consumer Behavior
  10. Carl F. Mela, Core Marketing, Product Management
  11. Christine Moorman, Marketing Strategy, New Products, Consumer Behavior
  12. Devavrat Purohit, Marketing of High Technology, Business to Business Marketing
  13. Richard Staelin, Ph.D. Seminar in Marketing Models, Marketing Strategy/Modeling Marketing Phenomenon
  14. Wendy Wood, My research interests are in the areas of sex differences ...

Associate Professors with Tenure

  1. Wilfred Amaldoss, Marketing Management, Pricing Strategy
  2. Julie A. Edell, Marketing Communications, Customer Relationship Management, Data Analysis/Persuasion, Affective Reactions

Professors Emeriti

  1. John M McCann, Electronic Commerce

Visiting Faculty

  1. Ron Shachar, Political Marketing, Marketing Communications, Identity Marketing
  2. Stacy Wood, Consumer Behavior, Branding, Creativity & Innovation

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