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Publications of Sean Metzger    :chronological  alphabetical  combined  bibtex listing:


  1. Embodying Asian/American Sexualities (2010)  [author's comments]
  2. with Olivia Khoo, Futures of Chinese Cinema: Technologies and Temporalities in Chinese Screen Cultures (2009), Intellect [available here]
  3. with Michaeline Crichlow, Race, Space, Place: Making and Unmaking Freedoms in the Atlantic World, Cultural Dynamics, vol. 21 no. 3 (2009)
  4. with Gina Masequesmay, Embodying Asian/American Sexualities (2009), Lexington Books [CATALOG.db&eqSKUdata=0739129031]

Essays/Articles/Chapters in Books

  1. S. Metzger, Mifune and Me: Asian/American Corporeal Citations and the Politics of Mobility, The Journal of Transnational American Studies, vol. 4 no. 1 (2012), pp. 18 pages [acgcc_jtas]
  2. S. Metzger, At the Vanishing Point: Theatre and Asian/American Critique, American Quarterly, vol. 63 no. 2 (2011), pp. 277-300
  3. S. Metzger, Le Rugissement du Lion: Mapping and Memory in Montreal’s Chinese/Canadian Street Theater, in New Essays in Canadian Theatre Vol. 1: Asian Canadian Theatre, edited by Nina Lee Aquino and Ric Knowles (2011), Playwrights Canada Press [html]
  4. S. Metzger, Saving Face, or the Future Perfect of Queer Chinese/American Cinema?, in Futures of Chinese Cinema: Technologies and Temporalities in Chinese Screen Cultures (2009), pp. 223-240
  5. with Olivia Khoo, Introduction, in Futures of Chinese Cinema: Technologies and Temporalities in Chinese Screen Cultures (2009), pp. 13-34
  6. with Gina Masequesmay, Introduction: Embodying Asian/American Sexualities, in Embodying Asian/American Sexualities (2009), pp. 1-21
  7. with Michaeline Crichlow and Patricia Northover, Questioning Freedoms in the Atlantic World (intro essay), Cultural Dynamics, vol. 21 no. 3 (2009), pp. 215-225
  8. S. Metzger, Unsettling: Towards a Chinese/Cuban Cultural Critique, Cultural Dynamics, vol. 21 no. 3 (2009), pp. 317-338
  9. Ripples in the Seascape: The Cuba Commission Report and the Idea of Freedom, Afro-Hispanic Review, vol. 27 no. 1 (Spring, 2008), pp. 105-121
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Book Reviews

  1. S. Metzger, When Men Dance: Choreographing Masculinities across Borders, Dance Research Journal, vol. 44 no. 1 (Summer, 2012), pp. 118-119
  2. S. Metzger, Slaves to Fashion: Black Dandyism and the Styling of Black Diasporic Identity; Beyond the Black Lady: Sexuality and the New African American Middle Class, American Literature, vol. 83 no. 4 (Dec 2011), pp. 866-868
  3. S. Metzger, The Provincetown Players and the Culture of Modernity; Avant-Garde Performance and the Limits of Criticism: Approaching the Living Theatre, Happenings/Fluxus, and the Black Arts Movement; Performance in America: Contemporary U.S. Culture and the Performing Arts, American Literature, vol. 79 no. 4 (December, 2007)
  4. S. Metzger, Double Agency: Acts of Impersonation in Asian American Literature and Culture and Americans First: Chinese Americans and the Second World War, American Literature, vol. 79 no. 1 (March, 2007), pp. 201-203
  5. Yellowface: Creating the Chinese in American Popular Music and Performance, 1850s-1920s and From Inner Worlds to Outer Space: The Multimedia Performances of Dan Kwong, TDR, vol. 50 no. 192 (Winter, 2006)
  6. The Protestant Ethnic and the Spirit of Capitalism by Rey Chow, Modern Chinese Literature and Culture and MCLC Resource Center Publication (February, 2005) [htm]
  7. with Hope Medina, Performing America: Cultural Nationalism in American Theater, Theatre Journal, vol. 53 (May, 2001), pp. 358-360


  1. S. Metzger, Yuko Kurahashi et al, Performance Review of The First National Asian American Theater Festival, Theatre Journal, vol. 60 no. 2 (May 2008), pp. 283-285
  2. Performance Review of Yohen, Theatre Journal, vol. 51 no. 4 (Dec 1999), pp. 68-70

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