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Publications [#305929] of Carlos Rojas


  1. The Oxford Handbook of Modern Chinese Literatures, edited by Rojas, C; Bachner, A (2016), pp. 952 pages, Oxford University Press .
    (last updated on 2022/06/25)

    With over forty original essays, The Oxford Handbook of Modern Chinese Literatures offers an in-depth engagement with the current analytical methodologies and critical practices that are shaping the field in the twenty-first century. Divided into three sections--Structure, Taxonomy, and Methodology--the volume carefully moves across approaches, genres, and forms to address a rich range topics that include popular culture in Late Qing China, Zhang Guangyu's Journey to the West in Cartoons, writings of Southeast Asian migrants in Taiwan, the Chinese Anglophone Novel, and depictions of HIV/AIDS in Chu T'ien-wen's Notes of a Desolate Man.

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