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Research Interests for Hae-Young Kim

Research Interests: Second Language Acquisition and Heritage language curriculum development

Her research and teaching interests include L2 Korean morpho-syntactic development, bilingualism, heritage language development and maintenance, and content-based instruction of language with focus on history, literature and cultural studies. She has published on tense/aspect morphology and relative clause construction in L2 Korean, Korean heritage language students in the U.S. and classroom discourse in a content-based language class.

Applied linguistics, Second language acquisition
Areas of Interest:

Second language acquisition
Interface between morphology and discourse semantics
Bilingualism and biculturalism
Heritage language development and maintenance
Content-based instruction of language
Second/Foreign language curriculum and pedagogy
Multi-media teaching materials development for post-secondary Korean

Recent Publications
  1. Kim, H-Y, Second Language Acquisition and its implications for teaching Korean, in Teaching Korean as a Foreign Language Pedagogy: Theories and Practices, edited by Cho, Y-MY (September, 2020) [abs]
  2. Kim, H-Y; Seo, J, 학술적 글쓰기 교육: 저자 입지의 탐색과 표명 (Academic literacy: Marking of authorial stance in advanced KHL writing practice). (2017) [abs]
  3. Kim, H; Choi, Y, Development of Aspect Morphology in Korean, Journall of Language Science, vol. 23 no. 4 (2016), pp. 203-225, The Korean Association of Language Science [abs]
  4. Kim, H, Socially engaged writing in the KFL class: a post-product, post-process approach, Language Facts and Perspectives, vol. 37 (2016), pp. 119-148 [repository]
  5. CURRICULUM/CURRICULAR FRAMEWORK, The Korean Language in America, vol. 19 no. 2 (2016), pp. 178-178, The Pennsylvania State University Press, ISSN 2332-0346 [doi]

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