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Publications of Charles Thompson    :chronological  alphabetical  combined  bibtex listing:


  1. Charles D Thompson, J. Border Odyssey Travels Along the U.S./Mexico Divide. University of Texas Press, April, 2015. 328 pages pp.  [abs]
  2. Thompson, C. Spirits of Just Men. University of Illinois Press, April, 2011. 304 pages pp.  [abs]
  3. Thompson, C; Wiggins, MF. The Human Cost of Food. University of Texas Press, January, 2009.  [abs]
  4. Thompson, C. The Old German Baptist Brethren. University of Illinois Press, May, 2006. 264 pages pp.  [abs]
  5. Thompson, C; Harvey, G. Indigenous Diasporas and Dislocations: Unsettling Western Fixations. Ashgate Press, 2005.
  6. Thompson, C. Maya Identities and the Violence of Place. Ashgate Pub Limited, January, 2001. 191 pages pp.  [abs]

Published Articles

  1. Thompson, C. "Harder than hardscrabble: Oral recollections of the farming life from the edge of the Texas Hill Country." Labor History  vol. 46 no. 2 (May, 2005.): 258-259. [Gateway.cgi]
  2. Thompson, C. "Review of Faces from the Flood: Hurricane Floyd Remembered by Richard Moore an Jay Barnes." The Oral History Review  vol. 32 no. 2 (Summer/Fall) ( 2005.): 119-122.
  3. Thompson, C. "Raising Citizens: The Old German Baptist Brethren and Community-Based Farming in the Virginia Blue Ridge." Journal of Appalachian Studies  vol. 11 ( 2005.).
  4. Thompson, C. "Dream or Déjà Vu? The debate surrounding George W. Bush’s proposed immigration reform." Hemisphere  (October, 2004.).
  5. Thompson, C. "Tom and Betsy’s Story: Tobacco People, Memory, and Vernacular History." North Carolina Literary Review  (August, 2004.).
  6. Thompson, C. "Going Quietly: The Making of a Documentary Project among the Old German Baptist Brethren in the Virginia Blue Ridge." Crossorads: a Souther Culture Annual  ( 2004.).
  7. Thompson, C. "They Go Quietly." The Journal of the Western Virginia Historical Society  vol. 16 no. 1 ( 2004.).
  8. Thompson, C. "Who is my Neighbor? Parables of Survival from the Floyd Flood of 1999." North Carolina Literary Review  vol. 11 ( 2002.): 87-98.
  9. Thompson, C. "The Great Deluge as told to Charles D. Thompson, Jr." Southern Cultures  vol. 7 no. 3 ( 2001.).
  10. Thompson, CD; Amberg, R. "The Great Deluge: A Chronicle of the Aftermath of Hurricane Floyd." Southern Cultures  vol. 7 no. 3 ( 2001.): 65-82. [doi]

Articles & Book Chapters

  1. Thompson, C. "Guestworkers: Farmworkers, filmmakers, and their obligations in the field." Project Muse 4  vol. 9780292793675 ( 2013.): 181-197.  [abs]
  2. Thompson, C. "Natives of Bleeding Land: The Case of the Jacalteco Maya." Indigenous Diasporas  ( 2005.).

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