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Cultural Anthropology Faculty: Research Interests


  1. Kearsley A Stewart, Stewart’s research interests include HIV/AIDS in Africa and the US, ...


  1. Anne Allison, youth, labor, desire, capitalism, precarity, sociality, Japan
  2. Lee D. Baker, Anthropology, Cultural, Australia, democracy, Famous Persons, History of Anthropology, History, 20th Century, Humans, Jews, National Socialism, politics of culture, Prejudice, race, Race Relations, racism, United States, US
  3. Robin Kirk, Conflict management, Creative writing, Creative writing--Fiction, Creative writing--Juvenile literature, Denial of justice, Human Rights, Human rights advocacy, Human rights and globalization, Human rights movements, Human rights--America, Human rights--History--20th century, Human rights--Northern Ireland, Journalism, Online journalism, Truth commissions
  4. J. Lorand Matory, Cultural anthropology of Africa and the African diaspora; African-inspired religions; transnationalism and the dynamism of ethnic identities; Black Ethnic Diversity in the US; the Culture of Higher Education
  5. Diane M. Nelson, critical theory, Cultural anthropology, ethnic national identities, gender, Genocide, Guatemala, Mesoamerica, popular culture, power and subject formation, Reparations, science and technology studies
  6. William M. O'Barr, Anthropology and law (current project: book in porogress on the history of theory in legal anthropology), advertising and society (current project: continued development of my online book about advertising and society at and field research in the advertising traditions of England, Russia, and other countries)
  7. Charles D. Piot, I do research on contemporary culture and politics, as well ...
  8. Orin Starn, activist anthropology, Anthropology, Cultural theory, history of anthropology, Indigenous politics and identity, Latin America, Native North America, Politics of representation and nationalism, sports and society, the Andes, transnationalism and globalization

Associate Professor

  1. Ralph A. Litzinger, Globalization, Environmentalism, Migration, Education, Humanitarianism
  2. Anne-Maria B. Makhulu, Africa, Political Economy, Space, Cities, Informalization, Finance, Neoliberalism,
  3. Rebecca L. Stein, Digital Culture; Visual Studies; Cultures of War and Violence; Anthropology of the State, Digital media, Middle East, Orientalism, Palestine, Travel, Zionism
  4. Ara Wilson, sex and gender in globalization; transnational feminist theory and networks; ethnography and research design; Bangkok, urban Southeast Asia, and transnational zones

Assistant Professor

  1. Harris S. Solomon, Medical Anthropology Science and Technology Studies Consumerism Urban Anthropology Global Health Chronic Disease India Mumbai South Asia Food


  1. Ingrid B. Byerly, Ph.D. 1996

Affiliated Faculty

  1. Edna Andrews, Russian Language & Culture, Language & Memory, Semiotics, and Textual Analysis
  2. Louise Meintjes, South African Music and Anthropology
  3. Walter Mignolo, Colonies, Decolonization, Geopolitics, Knowledge
  4. William M. Reddy, Cognitive Science, Culture, Emotions, Evolution, Molecular, Fear, History, 20th Century, History, 21st Century, Love, Marriage, Neurosciences, Reason, Research, Self, Sentimentalism, Stress, Psychological
  5. Julie A. Tetel, Linguistics

Visiting Faculty

  1. Catherine Mathers, United States, Africa, Travel, Humanitarianism, Global Development, Popular Culture

Professor Emeriti

  1. Katherine P. Ewing, Religious movements, Islam, migration, masculinity, Pakistan, Turkey, Europe
  2. Irene Silverblatt, Politics of culture, state making, colonization, ethnohistory, gender, South America

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