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Curriculum Vitae

Robin Kirk

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Box 90403, Durham, NC 27708 (919) 641-0635 (office)
  • M.F.A. Vermont College, 2014
  • B.A. University of Chicago, 1982
Awards, Honors, and Distinctions

David L. Paletz Innovative Teaching Funds, Duke, January, 2013
Essayist, Best American Travel Writing for 2012, Mariner Books, October, 2012
Career Development Grant 2012, American Association of University Women, January, 2012
Co-Director, BorderWork(s) Humanities Lab, Franklin Humanities Institute, July, 2011-2014
Winner, 2010 Independent Poetry contest, The Independent Weekly (North Carolina), January, 2010
Fulbright teaching fellowship, Fulbright Commission, August, 2006
Best essay ("Murderers I have known"), Glamour Magazine, November, 2005
Mary Ingraham Bunting Fellowship, Radcliffe College, January, 1995-1996

  Lectures, Seminars, and Colloquia:

  • Human Rights and Wrongs: A DUCIS Summer Symposia, Franklin Center, 2009-2010
Professional Service

Publications (listed separately)

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