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Research Interests for José M. González

Research Interests:

Greek poetry (archaic to Hellenistic); ancient rhetoric and literary criticism; performance studies; Greek religion; historical linguistics; Greek dialects; ancient commentaries and scholia.

Areas of Interest:

Greek poetry (archaic to Hellenistic)
Ancient rhetoric and literary criticism
Performance studies
Greek religion
Historical linguistics and Greek dialects
Ancient commentaries and scholia

Recent Publications
  1. González, JM, The Aristotelian psychology of tragic mimesis, in The Poetics in Its Aristotelian Context, edited by Heath, M; Munteanu, D, vol. 64 (January, 2019), pp. 172-245, Cambridge University Press [doi[abs]
  2. González, JM, Homer and the Alphabet, in The Cambridge Homer, edited by Pache, C (2016)
  3. González, JM, Rhapsodes and the Homêridai, in The Cambridge Homer, edited by Pache, C (2016)
  4. González, JM, Hesiod and Homer, in The Cambridge Homer, edited by Pache, C (2016)
  5. González, JM, Hesiod and the Disgraceful Shepherds: Pastoral Politics in a Panhellenic Dichterweihe?, in Anthony Snodgrass Festschrift, edited by Bintliff, J; Rutter, K (2016) [abs]

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