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Research Interests for Peter H. Burian

Research Interests:

Greek literature, particularly drama; theory and practice of literary translation; reception of Greco-Roman antiquity in later thought and arts

Representative Publications
  1. Burian, PH, Athenian Tragedy as Democratic Discourse, in Why Athens: A Reappraisal of Trgic Politics, edited by Carter, DM (2010), pp. 95-117, Oxford University Press, Oxford
  2. Burian, PH, Sophocles’ Polyphonic Ajax, in Blackwell Companion to Sophocles, edited by Ormand, K (2012)
  3. Burian, PH, Gender and the City: Antigone from Hegel to Butler and Back, in When Worlds Elide, edited by Euben, JP; Bassi, K (2010), pp. 255-299, Lexington Books [Rowman and Littlefield], Lanham, MD
  4. Burian, PH, Inconclusive Conclusion: The Ending(s) of the Oedipus Tyrannus, in Sophocles and the Tragic Tradition, edited by Hall, E; Goldhill, S (2009), pp. 99-118, Cambridge Univeristy Press (2009)
  5. Burian, PH, City, Farewell!: Genos, Polis and Gender in Aeschylus’s Seven Against Thebes and Euripides’ Phoenician Women, in Tragedy and Sexual Difference,, edited by McCoskey, D; Zakin, E (2009), pp. 16-45, SUNY Press
  6. Burian, PH, Euripides, in The Oxford Encyclopedia of Ancient Greece and Rome., edited by Gagarin, M; Fantham, E, vol. 3 (2010), pp. 129-41, Oxford University Press, New York
  7. Burian, PH, Euripides’ Helen, in Euripides V (Greek Tragedy in New Translations) (2010), pp. 225-391, Oxford University Press, New York (Verse translation with commentary.)
  8. Burian, PH, Aristophanes, Birds (1991), Bryn Mawr Commentaries, Bryn Mawr, Penn (Greek text with commentary.)
  9. Burian, PH, Aeschylus, The Suppliants (1991), Princeton University Press: Lockert Library of Poetry in Translation, Princeton (Translation with introduction and notes.)
  10. Shapiro, A, Aeschylus, Oresteia, Greek Tragedy in New Translations: (2003), Oxford University Press: New York (Translation with introduction and notes. Reissued as Aeschylus I, 2010.)
  11. Burian, PH, Euripides, Helen (2007), Aris and Phillips Classical Texts, Oxbow Books, Oxford (Greek text with prose translation, introduction and commentary.)
  12. Burian, PH, Myth into Muthos: the Shaping of Tragic Plot, in The Cambridge Companion to Greek Tragedy, edited by Easterling, PE (1997), pp. 178-208, Cambridge: Cambridge University Press
  13. Burian, PH, Parola di donna? La voce di Lisistrata e la fantasia comica, in Atti del convegno di studi "Comicità e riso nella commedia antica," Cagliari 2005, Supplementi di Lexis 42, edited by Mureddu, P; Nieddu, GF (2007), pp. 131-41, Amsterdam: Adolf M. Hakkert
  14. Burian, PH, Logos and Pathos: The Politics of the Suppliant Women, in Directions in Euripidean Criticism (1985), pp. 129-221, Durham, NC. Duke University Press
  15. Peter Burian,, Biologia, democrazia e donne nelle Eumenidi di Eschilo, Lexis, vol. 24 (2006), pp. 45-57
  16. Peter Burian,, Euripides' Heraclidae: An Interpretation, Classical Philology, vol. 72 (1977), pp. 1-21
  17. Peter Burian,, "Sepulchers," a translation of Ugo Foscolo, "Carme dei Sepolcri" with brief introduction and notes, Literary Imagination, vol. 4 (2002), pp. 17-30
  18. Peter Burian,, " 'All that Greek manure under the green bananas': Derek Walcott's Odyssey", South Atlantic Quarterly, vol. 96 (1997), pp. 359-377
  19. Burian, PH, Tragedy Adapted for Stages and Screens: the Renaissance to the Present, in The Cambridge Companion to Greek Tragedy, edited by Easterling, PE (1997), pp. 228-83, Cambridge: Cambridge University Press
  20. Peter Burian,, Translation, the Profession, and the Poets, American Journal of Philology, vol. 121 (2000), pp. 299-307

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