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Publications of Alison Hagy    :chronological  alphabetical  combined  bibtex listing:

Journal Articles

  1. A.P. Hagy, J. Farley Ordovensky, Immigrant Status, Race, and Institutional Choice in Higher Education, Economics of Education Review (2002)
  2. A.P. Hagy, The Demand for Child Care Quality: An Hedonic Price Theory Approach, Journal of Human Resources (Summer, 1998)
  3. A.P. Hagy, David M. Blau, The Demand for Quality in Child Care, Journal of Political Economy (February, 1998)
  4. A.P. Hagy, William M. Gentry, The Distributional Effects of the Tax Treatment of Child Care Expenses, in Empirical Foundations of Household Taxation, edited by Martin S. Feldstein and James M. Poterba (1996), pp. 99-128, University of Chicago Press

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