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Publications [#265934] of Dan Ariely

Journal Articles

  1. Tewari, G; Maes, P; Ariely, D, A visual preference-modeling and decision-support technique for buyers of multi- Attribute products, Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems Proceedings (December, 2001), pp. 339-340, ACM Press [doi]
    (last updated on 2020/04/04)

    We describe an intuitive, visual technique by which buyers of multi-attribute goods and services in electronic marketplaces can express their preferences, and receive real-time feedback about which transaction partners can most suitably meet their needs. Our work embodies a novel approach towards the visualization and conceptualization of multi-attribute spaces. Our system gives users the option of being able to iteratively refine their preferences based upon dynamically generated decision-support feedback. Copyright © 2012 ACM, Inc.

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