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Biographical Info of V. Joseph Hotz

V. Joseph Hotz is the Arts and Sciences Professor of Economics at Duke University and a research associate of the Duke Population Research Institute. Prior to joining Duke in 2007, Professor Hotz held faculty positions at Carnegie Mellon, the University of Chicago, and the University of California, Los Angeles. Professor Hotz also has research affiliations with the Institute for the Study of Labor (IZA), the Institute for Research on Poverty at the University of Wisconsin, the National Poverty Center at the University of Michigan, and the National Bureau of Economic Research.

Professor Hotz earned his Ph.D. in Economics from the University of Wisconsin-Madison in 1980. He specializes in the areas of labor economics, economics of the family, economic demography, applied econometrics, and evaluating the impact of social programs. He has taught courses covering these subjects, including “Economics of Life” and “Human Capital” courses held at Duke.

Throughout his career, Professor Hotz has received over thirty grants to fund his research. He is currently conducting a study with Professor Duncan Thomas on “Preferences and Economic Decision-Making,” supported by a grant from the National Institute of Child Health and Human Development. He has also recently completed several other grants he received from this institute and also from the National Science Foundation and the Russell Sage Foundation. His recent projects explore such subjects as tax policy and low-wage labor markets, models for family change and variation, and the rates of unintentional deaths of U.S. children in relation to ethnicity.

Professor Hotz has published his research and ideas extensively. His work has appeared in such prestigious academic journals as Econometrica, the Review of Economic Studies, the American Economic Review, the Economic Journal, the Review of Economics and Statistics, the Journal of Econometrics, Biometrika, and the Journal of the American Statistical Association, among others. He has also contributed writings to a number of books and edited a volume of the Journal of Human Resources. Professor Hotz has shared the findings from his research and his personal insights outside of the classroom, as well. He has traveled around the country and the world to present his work, attending such universities as Harvard, Johns Hopkins, University College London, MIT, and many more.

For his contributions to his field, Professor Hotz has appeared on the list of “Who’s Who in America” since 1993. He was also named a Fellow of the Econometric Society in 2003.

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