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Publications of Gabriel N. Rosenberg    :chronological  alphabetical  combined  bibtex listing:


  1. Rosenberg, GN. The 4-H Harvest: Sexuality and the State in Rural America.  Politics and Culture in Modern America University of Pennsylvania Press, 2015: 312 pages. [html]  [abs]

Book Chapters

  1. Rosenberg, G. "Animals." The Routledge History of American Sexuality 2020: 32-41.  [abs]
  2. Rosenberg, GN. "A Classroom in the Barnyard: Reproducing Heterosexuality in American 4-H." Queering the Countryside: New Directions in Rural Queer Studies. Edited by Gray, M; Johnson, C; Gilley, B. 2016.
  3. Rosenberg, GN. "Breeds and Breeding." Animals. Edited by Juno Parrenas.  vol. 10July, 2016.
  4. Rosenberg, GN. "Youth as Infrastructure: 4-H and the Intimate State in the 1920s Rural United States." Boundaries of the State in U.S. History. Edited by Sparrow, J; Novak, W; Sawyer, S. 2015. [html]
  5. Rosenberg, GN. "Department of Agriculture." Encyclopedia of American Environmental History. Edited by Brosnan, K. 2010.
  6. Rosenberg, GN. "The Charleston Slave Conspiracy of 1822." Conflicts in American History: The Early Republic, 1783-1860. Edited by Nicholson, CB.  vol. 22010: 163-190.

Journal Articles

  1. G.N. Rosenberg and M. Honeck. "Transnational Generations: Organizing Youth in the Cold War." Diplomatic History 38:2 (April, April, 2014).

Papers Submitted

  1. Rosenberg, GN. "On the scene of zoonotic intimacies jungle, market, pork plant." Tsq: Transgender Studies Quarterly 7:4 (November, 2020): 646-656. [doi]  [abs]
  2. Rosenberg, GN. "No Scrubs: Livestock breeding, eugenics, and the state in the early twentieth-century United States." The Journal of American History 107:2 (January, 2020): 362-387. [doi]
  3. Way, ; Okie, ; Funes-Monzote, ; Nance, ; Rosenberg, ; Specht, ; Swart,. "Roundtable: Animal History in a Time of Crisis." Agricultural History 94:3 (2020): 444-444. [doi]
  4. Rosenberg, G. "How Meat Changed Sex." Glq: a Journal of Lesbian and Gay Studies 23:4 (October, 2017): 473-507. [doi]  [abs]
  5. Rosenberg, GN. "A Race Suicide Among the Hogs: The Biopolitics of Pork in the United States, 1865-1940." American Quarterly 68:1 (2016): 49-73. [Gateway.cgi], [doi]
  6. Rosenberg, GN; Honeck, M. "Transnational Generations: Organizing Youth and Cold War International Relations, 1945-1980."  38:2 (April, 2014).
  7. Rosenberg, GN. "Youth as Infrastructure: 4-H and the Intimate State in the 1920s Rural United States."   (2013).

Book Reviews

  1. Rosenberg, GN, "Just Queer Folks: Gender and Sexuality in Rural America". Journal of the History of Sexuality 25:1 (January, 2016): 180-182.
  2. Rosenberg, GN, "Beyond the Fruited Plain: Food and Agriculture in U.S. Literature, 1850-1905". American Literature 88:2 (2016): 408-410.
  3. Rosenberg, GN, "Global Appetites: American Power and the Literature of Food". American Literature 88:2 (2016): 408-410.
  4. Rosenberg, GN, "Every Twelve Seconds: Industrialized Slaughter and the Politics of Sight, by Timothy Pachirat". Agricultural History 87:2 (Spring, 2013): 259-261.
  5. Rosenberg, GN, "Not in This Family: Gays and the Meaning of Kinship in Postwar North America, by Heather Murray". The Journal of the History of Childhood and Youth 5:2 (Spring, 2012): 337-339.
  6. Rosenberg, GN, "Food and Everyday Life on Kentucky Farms, 1920–1950". History: Reviews of New Books 35:2 (January, 2007): 59-59. [doi]


  1. Rosenberg, G. "Fetishizing Family Farms." . April, 2016.
  2. Rosenberg, GN. "Where are the Animals in the History of Sexuality?." . September, 2014. [available here]
  3. Rosenberg, GN. "Learning to Hate the Pacers, a Team I Have Long Loved." . April, 2014.
  4. Rosenberg, GN. "A Painful Retreat on Child Labor." . May, 2012.
  5. Rosenberg, GN. "The Programa Interamericano para la Juventud Rural and Rural Modernization in Cold War Latin America." . 2011.

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