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Publications of Gabriel N. Rosenberg    :chronological  alphabetical  combined  bibtex listing:


  1. Rosenberg, GN. The 4-H Harvest: Sexuality and the State in Rural America.  Politics and Culture in Modern America University of Pennsylvania Press, 2015: 312 pages. [html]  [abs]

Book Chapters

  1. Rosenberg, GN. "A Classroom in the Barnyard: Reproducing Heterosexuality in American 4-H." Queering the Countryside: New Directions in Rural Queer Studies. Edited by Gray, M; Johnson, C; Gilley, B. 2016.
  2. Rosenberg, GN. "Youth as Infrastructure: 4-H and the Intimate State in the 1920s Rural United States." Boundaries of the State in U.S. History. Edited by Sparrow, J; Novak, W; Sawyer, S. 2015. [html]

Journal Articles

  1. G.N. Rosenberg and M. Honeck. "Transnational Generations: Organizing Youth in the Cold War." Diplomatic History 38:2 (April, April, 2014).

Papers Submitted

  1. Rosenberg, GN. "A Race Suicide among the Hogs: The Biopolitics of Pork in the United States, 1865–1930." American Quarterly 68:1 (2016): 49-73. [Gateway.cgi], [doi]
  2. Rosenberg, GN; Honeck, M. "Transnational Generations: Organizing Youth and Cold War International Relations, 1945-1980." Diplomatic History 38:2 (April, 2014).


  1. Rosenberg, GN. "Where are the Animals in the History of Sexuality?." . September, 2014. [available here]

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