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Publications [#293753] of Victoria Szabo


  1. Rudinsky, J; Szabo, V; Copolsky, J; Mark Robinson, EK. "Psychasthenia." . February, 2010. [ves4/psychasthenia/psychasthenia.pdf]

    ’Psychasthenia’ is an immersive artwork and psychological diagnostic environment. Therapeutic clients plug into the system’s sensors and navigate an expressive exterior space that changes according to their actions and responses to multimodal stimuli. The system’s media elements and user experiences are inspired by historical and contemporary diagnostic literature of the psychasthenic psychological disorder, which is characterized by phobias, obsessions, compulsions, or excessive anxiety. Th eexperience of voyaging through the system reveals the unique character of the client’s inherent pathology and its lived expression, culminating in a summary diagnosis to carry back into daily life and interactions.

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