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Publications [#331042] of Victoria Szabo

Papers Published

  1. Timothy, J; Wiencek, F; Szabo, V. "Digital Cities: A collaborative engagement with urban heritage." Proceedings of the Digitalheritage 2013 Federating the 19th Int'L Vsmm, 10th Eurographics Gch, and 2nd Unesco Memory of the World Conferences, Plus Special Sessions Fromcaa, Arqueologica 2.0 Et Al. 2 (December, 2013): 349-352. [doi]

    The urban body is never at rest, the changing needs and desires of inhabitants in the present - with an eye to possible futures - continually shaping, and being shaped by, the urban fabric of the past. No single narrative can capture this ongoing negotiation between place and people; it must be understood as a plurality of narratives bound into the urban body. In this paper we will we present 'Digital Cities', a multi-disciplinary, cross-university collaborative undergraduate course exploring the use of new tools, techniques and methods from digital and spatial research in the mediation of historical material culture and the built environment. We will argue that such platforms can enrich and diversify the possibilities for digital storytelling within scholarly, educational and creative settings, both within and outside of academia. © 2013 IEEE.

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