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Publications [#334414] of Victoria Szabo

Papers Published

  1. Szabo, V; Lacedelli, SZ; Pompanin, G. "From Landscape to Cities: A Participatory Approach to the Creation of Digital Cultural Heritage." International Information and Library Review 49:2 (April, 2017): 115-123. [doi]

    COLUMN EDITOR'S NOTES : The “Digital Heritage: Spotlight on Europe” column examines technological advances internal and external to cultural institutions. The digital shift changed radically how cultural heritage is made, disseminated, distributed, accessed, consumed, and monetized. One of the most important revolutions is that the user's role changed dramatically, shifting from passive observers to active participants and content producers with many new and exciting opportunities for engagement, creative use, and access. The strength of the column is its broad, international focus, and contributors are encouraged to explore issues and recent advances in digital heritage theories, methodologies, standards relevant to the European region, as well as the larger, global audience. Interested authors are invited to submit proposals and articles to the column editor at Please include “ILLR submission” in the subject line of the e-mail.

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