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Publications [#252820] of Reiko Mazuka

Journal Articles

  1. Kondo, T; Mazuka, R, Prosodic planning while reading aloud: on-line examination of Japanese sentences., Journal of Psycholinguistic Research, vol. 25 no. 2 (March, 1996), pp. 357-381, ISSN 0090-6905 [8667303], [doi]
    (last updated on 2019/11/12)

    In this paper, we discuss the process of generating prosody on-line while reading a sentence orally. We report results from two studies in which eye-voice span was measured while subjects read aloud. In study one, the average eye-voice span for simple texts was only about 2.5 characters. In study two, the eye-voice span was also about 2.5 characters even when the subjects read garden-path sentences which required reanalysis during processing. That the readers looked only a few characters ahead before reading aloud suggests that the prosody which they generate is not based on a global syntactic analysis, but instead reflects only limited, local syntactic information. The subjects, therefore, make errors and repairs when this locally determined prosody obviously contradicts the meaning of the sentence.

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