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Graduate Student: Blake Beaver  

Blake Beaver
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Blake Karsten Beaver is a PhD candidate in the interdisciplinary Program in Literature at Duke University. His research addresses the intermedial relations between 20th- and 21st-century audiovisual media, with a particular focus on television and the medium’s positioning within our broader thinking around technology, politics, genre, gender, and sexuality. His dissertation, “The National Family at the End of Broadcasting: Television Technology and Domestic Politics in America’s New Millennium,” explores the relationship between the medium of television, understood as a complex of technologies, institutions, and industries, and the social formation of the American family through a critical approach to family dramas in the new millennium. In this work, Blake argues that recent family dramas on network TV index, via allegories of technological and political crisis, a degeneration in broadcasting’s capacity to manufacture the hegemonic image of the family as a unit of national reproduction.

Before beginning his graduate career, Blake worked as a media practitioner, planning and buying print, TV, and digital media at advertising agencies in New York and Chicago on behalf of telecom, building materials, and insurance brands.

Recent Publications

  1. Beaver, B. "Feel-Sad TV: Sadness Pornography in Contemporary Serials." Disclosure 28 (December, 2019): 1-12. [doi[abs]

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