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  • Rey Chow, Anne Firor Scott Professor and Director of the Program
  • Roberto M. Dainotto, (joint with Romance Studies)
  • Anne Garreta, Research Professor (joint with Romance Studies)
  • Elizabeth Grosz, Jean Fox O'Barr Women's Studies Professor of Gender, Sexuality & Feminist Studies and Professor in the Program in Women's Studies of Gender, Sexuality & Feminist Studies
  • Mark B. Hansen, Director of Graduate Studies in The Program, (joint with Art, Art History & Visual Studies)
  • Michael Hardt, Director of the Marxism & Society Certificate Program and Bass Fellow, (joint with Romance Studies)
  • N. Katherine Hayles, James B. Duke Professor of Literature and Professor of English
  • Fredric Jameson, Knut Schmidt Nielsen Professor of Comparative Literature and Professor of Romance Studies
  • Ranjana Khanna, (joint with English)
  • Walter Mignolo, William H. Wannamaker Professor of Romance Studies and Professor of Cultural Anthropology and Romance Studies
  • Toril Moi, James B. Duke Professor of Literature and Professor of English and Philosophy and Romance Studies and Theater Studies and Director of PAL
  • Kenneth J. Surin, (joint with Religious Studies)
  • Robyn Wiegman

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