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Faculty: Luciana Parisi  

Title: Visiting Professor of Literature and Core Graduate Faculty in Computational Media, Arts & Cultures
Office Location:
Office Phone: (919) 684-4240
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  • Ph.D., University of Warwick (England), 1999

Recent Publications   (More Publications)


  • Parisi, L. Abstract Sex: Philosophy, Bio-Technology and the Mutations of Desire.  Continuum, 2004 .
Articles in a Journal
  • Parisi, L. "What Can Biotechnology Do?: Process-Events vs the Bio-Logic of Life." Theory, Culture and Society 26.4 (July, 2009): 155-163. [doi]
  • Parisi, L. "Information Trading and Symbiotic Micropolitics." Social Text 22.3 [80] (2004): 25-49. [doi]
  • Parisi, L; Terranova, T. "A Matter of Affect: Digital Images and the Cybernetic Re-Wiring of Vision." Parallax 7.4 [21] (October, 2001): 122-127. [doi]
Articles in a Collection
  • Parisi, L. "Cutting Away from Smooth Space: Alfred North Whitehead's Extensive Continuum in Parametric Software." The Lure of Whitehead U of Minnesota P, 2014, 267-295.

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