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Literature : Research Interests


  1. Rey Chow, Literature, film, critical and cultural theory, postcolonial studies
  2. Roberto M. Dainotto, Literature and Place, Nationalism and Regionalism, Aesthetic Theory, Italian Idealism, ...
  3. Mark B. Hansen, Cultural Theory and Media Studies, Philosophy of New Media, Phenomenology and Cognitive Science
  4. Michael Hardt, Globalization, Political and Cultural Theory
  5. N. Katherine Hayles, Digital Humanities; Electronic LIterature; Literature, Science and Technology; Science Fiction; Critial Theory
  6. Fredric Jameson, Among Professor Jameson's ongoing concerns is the need to analyze ...
  7. Ranjana Khanna, Affect, Anxiety, Justice, South Africa
  8. Walter Mignolo, The constitution and transformation of the modern/colonial world. The de-colonial option as ethical, political and epistemic modes of re-existence. Decolonizing aesthetics and religion to liberate subjectiviy and spirituality
  9. Toril Moi, Feminism, Philosophy & Literature, Women Writers, Theater, 19th & 20th Century European Literature
  10. Kenneth J. Surin, Political science
  11. Robyn Wiegman, Feminist theory, Gender, Philosophy, Marxist, in literature, Psychoanalysis, Race, Sexuality

Associate Professors

  1. Negar Mottahedeh, Film Studies, Social Media, Photography, Material Culture, and Middle Eastern Studies
  2. Antonio Viego, Latino/a Literatures, Latino/a Studies, Critical Race Studies, and Gender & Sexuality

Assistant Professors

  1. Markos Hadjioannou, Film Theory and Cinema Aesthetics

Professors Emeriti

  1. Vladimiro Dorfman, Popular Culture and Globalization
  2. Jane M. Gaines, Film Theory and Feminism, Intellectual Property
  3. Frank Lentricchia, 20th Century, Stevens, Joyce, Modernism, Literary Criticism, Italian Film
  4. Valentin Mudimbe, Philology, Phenomenology, History of Ideas, and Africa
  5. Janice A. Radway, Book History, American Studies, Feminist Studies, Cultural Studies
  6. James L. Rolleston, Professor of German and Literature (Ph.D. Yale, 1968). He has ...
  7. Barbara H. Smith, critical theory; epistemology and philosophy of science; social studies of science; issues in science and religion; relations between sciences and humanities
  8. Philip R. Stewart, Professor of French (Ph.D., Yale, 1967). His principal research interests ...
  9. Susan Willis, Minority Writing and Popular Culture


  1. Corinne Blalock, Legal and Critical Theory
  2. Luke J Caldwell, Critical Media Studies, Science and Technology Studies
  3. Xuenan Cao, Critical and comparative studies
  4. Bennett D. Carpenter, Political economy of the city novel, especially the urban mystery ...
  5. Annu Dahiya, The Concept of Force in the History of Thought and Science; The Relationship between Science, Violence, and Knowledge Production; Non/In/Post-Humanism; Biopolitics; The History of the Concept of the Gene; The past, present, and futures of Microbiology, Virology, and Microbial Genetics
  6. Michael T. Gaffney, 20th Century American Literature, Literary Theory, Environmental Humanities
  7. Jaime Gonzalez, My research explores Latina/o literary and cultural production in the ...
  8. Amanda Starling S Gould, Digital Metabolism, Digital Pedagogy, Ecocriticism, Digitial Media Theory and Practice, Environmental Justice, Networks, Digital Culture, Digital Technology & the Anthropocene
  9. Shannan L. Hayes, Feminist Theory, especially the move from epistemology to ontology and ...
  10. Jess Issacharoff, Feminist Theory, Critical Prison Studies
  11. Laura Jaramillo, Film Studies, Media Theory, Religious Studies, Latin American and Iberian Studies
  12. Renee Ragin, Memory in literature, Political violence in literature, Political violence in motion pictures, Psychic trauma in literature, Transitional justice, Trauma and Memory
  13. David N. Rambo, philosophy of technics, process cosmology, antihumanism, 20th-c. French rationalism and materialism, Marxism and real abstraction, contemporary literature, film, and video games
  14. Cole A. Rizki, Trans Studies
  15. Yair Y. Rubinstein, My research focuses on the intersection of contemporary aesthetics and ...
  16. Shahrazad A. Shareef, Italian autonomist marxism, Open marxism, political economy, Spinoza, sovereignty, neoliberalism, Gramsci, abstraction and appearance of Capital, Ideology
  17. Jacob G. Soule, My teaching and research interests include post-1945 Anglophone fiction, cultural ...
  18. Michael G. Swacha, Literary Modernism, Modernist Epistemologies, Post-structuralist Theory, Continental Philosophy, National Security Law

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