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Religious Studies Faculty: Research Interests


  1. Mark Chaves, Professor Chaves specializes in the sociology of religion. Most of ...
  2. Mark S. Goodacre, New Testament, Gospels, Historical Jesus, Paul, Christian Origins, Gospel of Thomas, Jesus in Film, the Internet
  3. Richard Jaffe, Japanese Buddhism, Buddhism and Modernity, and Classical Texts
  4. David Morgan, material culture of religion, religion and media
  5. Melvin K. Peters, Septuagint
  6. Leela Prasad, Anthropology of Ethics, modern Hinduism, Gandhi, Anthropology of Religion, Colonialism & Postcolonial Theory, Gender & Religion

Associate Professor

  1. Laura S. Lieber, History of Biblical Interpretation; Rabbinics; Early and Medieval Synagogue
  2. Joseph R. Winters, Religion and Critical Theory; African American Religious Thought; African American Literature; Continental Philosophy

Recent Emeriti

  1. Hans J. Hillerbrand, History, Reformation, 16th Century
  2. Wesley A. Kort, Religion and Modern Culture; Religious and Literary ...
  3. Bruce B. Lawrence, Islam, India, and Religion in Cyberspace
  4. Carol L. Meyers, Archaeology of the Biblical World; Social History of Ancient Israel; Gender In Ancient Near East
  5. Eric M. Meyers, Late Biblical Literature, Rabbinics, Archaeology
  6. Lucas Van Rompay, Syriac and Eastern Christianity.

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