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Publications [#292302] of Wesley A. Kort


  1. Kort, WA. Textual intimacy: autobiography and religious identities.  University of Virginia Press, May, 2012. (Forthcoming, May, 2012)

    Given its affinity with questions of identity, autobiography offers a way into the interior space between author and reader, especially when writers define themselves in terms of religion. In his exploration of this "textual intimacy," Wesley Kort begins with a theorization of what it means to say who one is and how one's self-account as a religious person stands in relation to other forms of self-identification. He then provides a critical analysis of autobiographical texts by nine contemporary American writers-including Maya Angelou, Philip Roth, and Anne Lamott-who give religion a positive place in their accounts of who they are. Finally, in disclosing his own religious identity, Kort concludes with a meditation on several meanings of the word assumption. © 2012 by the Rector and Visitors of the University of Virginia. All rights reserved.

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