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Research Interests for Edna Andrews

Research Interests: Cognitive and Neurolinguistics, Slavic and General Linguistics, Russia (Language & Culture), Language & Memory, Semiotics

Language, Neurolinguistics
Areas of Interest:

Neurolinguistics and general linguistics
Semiotics of culture

Recent Publications
  1. Andrews, E; Eierud, C; Banks, D; Harshbarger, T; Michael, A; Rammell, C, Effects of Lifelong Musicianship on White Matter Integrity and Cognitive Brain Reserve., Brain Sciences, vol. 11 no. 1 (January, 2021) [doi[abs]
  2. Andrews, E, The importance of lotmanian and peircean semiotics in linguistic analysis, Balkanistica, vol. 33 (January, 2020), pp. 221-230
  3. Andrews, E, The importance of Lotmanian semiotics to sign theory and the cognitive neurosciences, Sign Systems Studies, vol. 43 no. 2-3 (January, 2015), pp. 347-364, University of Tartu Press [doi[abs]
  4. Thompson, RJ; Walther, I; Tufts, C; Lee, KC; Paredes, L; Fellin, L; Andrews, E; Serra, M; Hill, JL; Tate, EB; Schlosberg, L, Development and Assessment of the Effectiveness of an Undergraduate General Education Foreign Language Requirement, Foreign Language Annals, vol. 47 no. 4 (December, 2014), pp. 653-668, WILEY [doi[abs]
  5. Andrews, E, Neuroscience and multilingualism (January, 2014), pp. 1-254, ISBN 9781107036550 [abs]

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