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Ellen Hemphill, Professor of the Practice

Ellen Hemphill
Office Location:  03F Page, Durham, NC 27708
Office Phone:  (919) 660-3384
Email Address:   send me a message
Web Page:

Research Interests: Writing, producing theater,

Current projects: THE NARROWING 2013 Stage, The Narrowing 2014 film, Mainstage Production Duke Theater Studies Dept., Spring 2015

Ellen Hemphill is an Associate. Professor and Director of Undergraduate Studies in the Theater Studies Department. She is also Artistic Director of the professional theater company Archipelago in Chapel Hill and has taught at Duke since 1992. She is also on the Faculty of the American Dance Festival where she teaches Voice and Gesture. Ellen performed in She Didn’t Like the Moon Without Clouds, and wrote and performed in Cassandra’s Lullaby, Binky Kite and the Oxymorons, and Another Time . . .Another Place . . . Someone Else, Those Women, and A New Fine Shame. Ellen directed The Crucible for Duke Players in February 2000. For Archipelago she directed, among others, Escurial, The Abdication, Landscape, Silence and Night, Ten in One, Eulogy for a Warrior, Blue Roses, Amor Fortuna, Snow, A New Fine Shame, Mary Wept,and Women in the Attic and Out of the Blue. In 2013 she wrote and directed "The Narrowing" and is currently working on the film version of this piece. She also directed "The Trojan Women" for the Duke Theater Studies Department and directed "Exit the King" in the Spring of 2009 and "A Doll's House" in 2011. Ellen has received the NC State Arts Council Fellowship for choreography in theater, and was awarded a writer’s fellowship from the Wildacres Retreat. She recently wrote, directed and produced a new piece, OUT OF THE BLUE for which she received the Duke Collaborative Arts Award. Ellen was a Franklin Scholar with the Franklin Institute for 2010-2011 and created a solo/vocal and film performance, "Stealing Home: The Architecture of Intimacy" in 2011 at Manbites Dog Theater in Durham, NC. She recently wrote, directed and produced a new work for theater, film and music called "The Narrowing". She is currently working on a film version of that production

Office Hours:

On leave fall 2020 semester.

M.Ed.Wake Forest University1977
B.A.Tufts University1974


Director Archipelago Theater
Curriculum Vitae
Recent Production Credits

  Acting Credits:

  1. Acting Credits, Reynolds Theater, undefined, 2012
    I performed-singing-in the American Dance Festival faculty concert.

  Directing Credits:
  1. Directing Credits, Duke University/UNC, 2008 - present
    I directed "The Trojan Women" for the Duke Theater Studies Dept in 2003 I wrote and directed "The Woman in the Attic" for Archipelago Theater (presented at Duke) in 2004 I directed Joe Haj (director UNC Playmakers) in "When the Bulbul Stopped Singing" for the UNC Playmakers in 2007 Kenan Theater I directed a workshop production of "Silence" for the UNC Theater Grad School. 2008 I directed EXIT THE KING for the Duke Theater Studies Dept. in April 2008 and brought in guest artist, Basil Twist I wrote and directed OUT OF THE BLUE with Archipelago Theater in Feb. 2010. I brought in guest artists: Mark Dendy, choreography, Allison Leyton-Brown, composer, Jan Chambers,Set/Costume Designer, Jesse Belsky, Lighting Design (Duke alum),
  2. Directing Credits, , undefined, 2012
    I am directing the final performance of the Solo Performance class "Que Sera".

  Film Credits:
  1. The Reckoning, , 2019/01/01
    Research on a new artistic work: Eve and Poppy: a /film/animation piece for 2016/2017 inspired by the writings of James Hillman, and by historical works on Paris 1910- the end of WW!, with Alex Maness; Allison Leyton-Brown; Ellen Hemphill; James Haverkamp; Jan Chambers; Nor Hall
  2. It Had Wings, , 2014/06/13
    Co-Directed/Edited short film, It Had Wings by Allan Gurganus to be released in 2015, with Ellen Hemphill; Jan Chambers-Designer, Allison Leyton-Brown, composer

  New York Theater:
  1. Lecture from Hell, , 2012/09/01
    with Ellen Hemphill
  2. Que Sera, , 2012/01/01
    with Ellen Hemphill
  3. A Doll's House, , 2011/11/01
    with Ellen Hemphill
  4. EXIT THE KING, , 2008/04/01
    with Ellen Hemphill
  5. When the Bulbul Stopped Singing, , 2007/01/01
    with Ellen Hemphill
  6. The Woman in the Attic, , 2004/01/01
    with Ellen Hemphill
  7. The Trojan Women, , 2003/01/01
    with Ellen Hemphill

  Regional Theatre:
  1. The Narrowing, , 2013/09/26
    with Ellen Hemphill
  2. Silence, , 2008/01/01
    with Ellen Hemphill
  3. Ellen Hemphill: Plays performed by Archipelago Theatre, 1996 - 2007, , 2007/01/01
    with Ellen Hemphill

  Other Production Credits:
  1. BOB, , 2016/04/01
    with Allison Leyton-Brown, composer; Derrick Ivey, costume design; Ellen Hemphill; James Haverkamp; Jaybird O'Berski, improv coach; Peter Nachtrieb, playwright
  2. Legacy, , 2015/01/01
    Interviews with artists over 50 on their creative work past, present and future. Artists in Paris and USA. Work in progress, with Ellen Hemphill; Jim Haverkamp; Nor Hall

Recent Publications   (search)

  1. E. Hemphill. The Narrowing. (September 26, 2013).  [abs]
  2. E. Hemphill. Out of the Blue. (February, 2010). (This play was produced at Duke University in Feb. 2010. It is not published but was a collaborative art work) [org]
  3.  Those Women, Eulogy for a Warrior, Another Time, Another Place, Amor Fortuna, Cassandra's Lullaby, A New Fine Shame, Mary Wept, Woman in the Attic, Binky Kite and the Oxymorons. (2003).


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