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  • Neal C. Bell, Professor of the Practice (joint with English)
  • Torry Bend, Associate Professor of the Practice and Associate of the Duke Initiative for Science & Society
  • Ellen Hemphill, Professor of the Practice
  • Jody McAuliffe, Professor of the Practice and Professor of Practice of Slavic Language and Literature and Core Faculty in Innovation & Entrepreneurship of Duke Innovation & Entrepreneurship
  • Richard V. Riddell, Mary D.B.T. and James H. Semans Professor of the Practice
  • Bradley Rogers, Assistant Professor and Assistant Professor in the Progam of Gender, Sexuality & Feminist Studies, (joint with English)
  • Jeff M. Storer, Professor of the Practice
  • Beth Holmgren, Professor (joint with Slavic and Eurasian Studies)
  • Kristine Stiles, France Family Distinguished Professor of Art, Art History, and Visual Studies and Professor of Theater Studies and Professor in the Program of Gender, Sexuality & Feminist Studies
  • Sarah Beckwith, Professor of Theater Studies and Katherine Everett Gilbert Distinguished Professor of English and Professor of Religion and Bass Fellow of English

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