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Academic Advising Center : Research Interests


  1. Patrick Charbonneau, Professor Charbonneau studies soft matter assembly. His current work combines ...
  2. Chandra Y Guinn, african/black studies, sociology, education, women's studies
  3. John C. Hamilton, Humanities
  4. Julie A. Tetel, linguistics


  1. Clay Adams, education, business, athletics, interdisciplinary studies
  2. Jennifer Ahern Dodson, Writing-to-learn pedagogies, composing with new media, faculty writers, civic engagement and student self-authorship
  3. Zoila Airall, anthropology, education, counseling, music
  4. Franca B Alphin, chemistry, languages, biology, food/cooking, health/nutrition, athletics, pets
  5. Carol Apollonio, Russian literature, language and culture, Japanese language and literature, music and the arts
  6. Jackie Ariail, literature, writing
  7. Brenda E Armstrong, natural and quantitative sciences
  8. Rebecca L. Bach, Sociology
  9. Kathy Bader, medieval and classical studies
  10. Steven W. Baldwin, chemistry
  11. Brad N Berndt, sociology
  12. Lewis D. Blake, mathematics teaching, economics
  13. Clark Bray, Algebraic Topology
  14. Jessica H Brinker, strategy, communications, economics, finance, organizational theory
  15. John V. Brown, music
  16. Robert Brown, atomic, molecular & optical physics
  17. Stephen P Bryan, economics, public policy, education
  18. Melanie L Burkett, Psychology
  19. John W Campbell, biology
  20. Dorian Canelas, Prof. Canelas has been active in implementation of student-centered pedagogies ...
  21. Inderdeep Chatrath, public policy, analytical studies
  22. Li-Chen Chin, Performing and/or visual arts
  23. Denise K. Comer, travel writing, women's studies, 19th century english literature
  24. Robert M. Cook-Deegan, bioethics, genetics, public policy, medicine
  25. Benjamin P Cooke, Mathematics, peptide folding, tennis
  26. Kelly L Cottrell, psychology, social sciences, history, women's studies, english, religion
  27. Hugh Crumley, Social Sciences
  28. Maureen D Cullins, languages, linguistics
  29. Bruce W Cunningham, higher education administration and policy
  30. Leslie J. Digby, biological anthropology, natural sciences, pre-med, pre-health, pre-graduate school
  31. George Dubay, bioanalytical and environmental chemistry, mass spectrometry
  32. Robert C. Duvall, object-oriented programming, design patterns, graphics, animation and visualization, artificial life, and programming languages
  33. Donna L. Dyer, government, public service, non-profit management
  34. Martin Eisner, dante, boccaccio, and petrarch, medieval lyric poety, the European novella tradition, material philology/textual theory
  35. Katherine P. Ewing, Religious movements, Islam, migration, masculinity, Pakistan, Turkey, Europe
  36. David M Frankel, psychology, education, theater
  37. Paula E Gilbert, English, religion, political science, history
  38. Kenneth E. Glander, anthropology (biological), biology, primatology
  39. Alexander Glass, paleontology, evolution, fossil echinoderms, geology, nature of science, science education. Glass has a strong interest in relationship between science and religion, particularly the public's debate over creation and evolution.
  40. Valerie B Glassman, Performing and/or visual arts
  41. Elise Goldwasser, us history, arabic literature, swimming and circuses
  42. Joe A Gonzalez, student affairs, higher education
  43. Mark S. Goodacre, New Testament, Gospels, Historical Jesus, Paul, Christian Origins, Gospel of Thomas, Jesus in Film, the Internet
  44. Ada G Gregory, Social sciences
  45. Christina Grimes, psychology & neuroscience
  46. Leslie N. Grinage, Humanities
  47. Ron Grunwald, biology, biochemistry, membrane physiology
  48. Donna M Hall, English, post-secondary learning
  49. Wendy Hamilton-Hoelscher, history, English lit, writing, cooking, leadership
  50. Alison Hill, Biology
  51. Mary Hovsepian, Gender/Sociology of Economic Change & Globalization/Middle East
  52. David W Jamieson-Drake, religion, archaeology, business, statistics
  53. Deborah A. Johnson, higher education, organizational culture, French, Spanish, teaching/training
  54. Pamela Kachurin, history of art, Russian studies, film
  55. Anthony M. Kelley, music, african-american culture/aesthetics, theater, documentary film
  56. Christopher Kennedy, poetry, medieval lit, ethics & intercollegiate athletics, sports law
  57. Valerie Konczal, pre-med
  58. donna kostyu, academic dean, pre health advisor
  59. Hsiao-Mei Ku, music
  60. Anne S Light, history, liberal studies, engineering
  61. Deb A LoBiondo, leadership development, emergency response and management, wellness
  62. Terry B Lynch, math, economics, sociology, athletics
  63. David M. Malone, education, psychology, tutoring at-risk children
  64. Tom D Mann, economics, business
  65. John J. Martin, John Jeffries Martin, Chair of the Department of History, is ...
  66. Lary Maskel, international studies, careers, disabilities
  67. Teri M Mills, government, law, politics, non-profits, arts
  68. Robert Parkins, music, early Iberian keyboard music, German romantic organs
  69. Simon Partner, Late 19th and 20th-century Japanese history Focusing on: growth of ...
  70. Alyssa Perz, developmental genetics/cell biology/molecular biology
  71. Christine A Pesetski, reading, running, world war II history, geography, backpacking, kayaking
  72. Jacqulyn Podger, Social Sciences
  73. Barbara Black Pollock, public policy, child and family policy
  74. Kelly J Preussner, Social sciences
  75. Kim C Price, English, history, counseling
  76. David Rabiner, violence prevention, ADHD, & interventions with children
  77. Sumathi Ramaswamy, history of cartography, South Asian visual culture, cultural history of India, philanthropy in India
  78. Dietolf Ramm, computer science
  79. Marcia Rego, Language and Nationalism, Lusophone Africa, Portuguese Colonialism, Ethnographic Writing, Anthropology of Body, Intercultural Contact
  80. Daniel Rittschof, biology, biochemistry
  81. Susan H. Rodger, computer science
  82. Rafael Rodriguez, computer science, business
  83. Kenneth S. Rogerson, media and politics, international communication, technology and politics
  84. Christopher P. Roy, organic chemistry, drug delivery systems
  85. Vicki Russell, composition and rhetoric
  86. Leonard L Satterwhite, history, sociology
  87. Michael J Schoenfeld, Social Science
  88. Brenda S. Scott, organology
  89. Colleen M Scott, psychology, women and leadership
  90. Matt Serra, cognitive psychology, meta-comprehension, assessment
  91. Jaclyn Silar, administration, management, education
  92. Lee Sorensen, art, art history, architecture
  93. Lillian P. Spiller, religion, women's studies, philosophy, classics
  94. Dalene K. Stangl, Biostatistics, Statistical Education, Social and Health Policy
  95. Orin Starn, Orin Starn is Professor of Cultural Anthropology and History. He ...
  96. Baishakhi B Taylor, sociology, statistics, HIV research, writing exercise, travel, good food
  97. Megan Tisdale, higher education administration, international education, medical education, Irish dance and culture
  98. John A. Trangenstein, adaptive mesh refinement, multigrid preconditioners, parameter estimation problems
  99. Joanne Van Tuyl, comparative literature and 19th century Russian literature
  100. Deborah Wahl, sciences, pre-med, history
  101. Suzanne J Wasiolek, education law, health administration, pre med and pre law
  102. Sterly L Wilder, business
  103. Lee W. Willard, classics, Latin, humanities
  104. Barbara H Wise, history, class culture, WWI, post-graduate scholarships
  105. Todd E. Woerner, chemistry, synthetic metals
  106. Scott Yakola, sports marketing, finance, management

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