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History Grad: Publications since January 2020

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Finney, Nathan

  1. Finney, NK, On Strategy A Primer (2020), pp. 256 pages  [abs].

Franco, Robert

  1. Franco, R, Transgressing Che: Irina Layevska Echeverría Gaitán, Disability Politics, and Transgendering the New Man in Mexico, 1964–2001, Radical History Review, vol. 2020 no. 136 (January, 2020), pp. 75-97, Duke University Press [doi]  [abs].

Gengler, Peter

  1. Gengler, PN, New Citizens or Community of Fate? Early Discourses and Policies on Flight and Expulsion in the Two Postwar Germanys, Central European History, vol. 53 no. 2 (June, 2020), pp. 314-334 [doi]  [abs].

Hauger, Jessica

  1. Hauger, J, Epidemics and Empires: Historicizing Covid-19 in Native Communities (July, 2021), Initiative for Critical Disaster Studies, Gallatin School of Individualized Study, New York University  [abs].
  2. Hauger, J, Nursing for Generations: Kiowa Peoplehood in the Work of Laura Pedrick (November, 2020), Nursing Clio .

Legros, Ayanna

  1. Legros, A, Capturing Emancipation, Latin American and Latinx Visual Culture, vol. 3 no. 2 (April, 2021), pp. 60-64, University of California Press [doi]  [abs].

Prendergast, Thomas

  1. Prendergast, TR, Yiddish-Language World History and the Emergence of a Jewish Nationalist Politics in Late Imperial Russia, East European Jewish Affairs, vol. 50 no. 1-2 (May, 2020), pp. 78-94, Informa UK Limited [doi] .
  2. Prendergast, TR, The Sociological Idea of the State: Legal Education, Austrian Multinationalism, and the Future of Continental Empire, 1880–1914, Comparative Studies in Society and History, vol. 62 no. 2 (April, 2020), pp. 327-358, Cambridge University Press (CUP) [doi]  [abs].

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