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Research Interests for Jack Bookman

Research Interests: Mathematics Education

My research in mathematics education is currently focusing on three areas: (1) how students learn mathematics, especially in technology rich environments; (2) how graduate students develop their views and practices concerning teaching college mathematics; and (3) evaluating the effectiveness of mathematics curricula.

Analysis of Variance, Humans, Internship and Residency, Learning, Pediatrics, Personnel Staffing and Scheduling, Pilot Projects, Problem-Based Learning, Questionnaires
Recent Publications
  1. Bookman, J, Why �False Implies False" is True - a Discovery Explanation, The Mathematics Teacher 71 (November 1978): 675 676. (1978)
  2. Bookman, J; Smith, DA, A Review of �The Electronic Study Guide: Precalculus Algebra, College Mathematics Journal, June 1985 (December, 2014)
  3. Bookman, J, NSF Workshop on Assessment in Calculus Curriculum Reform Efforts, Ume Trends, October, 1992 (October, 1992)
  4. Bookman, J, Evaluation of Calculus Reform at Duke University, Ume Trends, March 1992 (March 1992)
  5. Bookman, J; Friedman, C, A Comparison of the Problem Solving Performance of Students in Lab Based and Traditional Calculus, In Dubinsky, E., Schoenfeld, A.H., Kaput, J. (Ed) Research in Collegiate Mathematics Education I. , Providence, Ri: American Mathematical Society, 1994, Pp. 101 116. (1994)
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