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Curriculum Vitae

David G. Schaeffer

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Box 90320, Durham, NC 27708-0320 (919) 660-2814 (office)

Ph.D.Massachusetts Institute of Technology1968
B.S.University of Illinois1963
Areas of Research

Applied Mathematics, especially Partial Differential Equations

Awards, Honors, and Distinctions

Sloan Fellow, 1975-77
Visiting member, Institut des Hautes Etudes Scientifiques, France, 1975-77
Visiting member, MRC, Madison, Wisconsin, 1977-78
Visiting member, Courant Institute, NYU, New York, New York, Fall 1979
Japan Society for Promotion of Science Fellowship, Spring 1981
Associate Program Coordinator, Institute for Mathematics and its Applications,University of Minnesota, Spring 1989
Max Planck Research Award, 1991-1994
Member, Center for Systems Biology, July, 2006

Doctoral Theses Directed

John W. Cain, Issues in the one-dimensional dynamics of a paced cardiac fiber, (December 15, 2003 - 2006)  
Aaron Ashih, Spatial and stochastic models for population growth with sexual and asexual reproduction, (1999 - 2001)  
John W. Cain, (0000)  
Aaron Ashish, (1997-2001)  
Michael Gordon, Perturbed scale-invariant initial value problems in one-dimensional elastoplasticity, (1993)  
Lianjun An, Loss of hyperbolicity in elastic-plastic material at finite strains, (1991)  
Feng Wang, Numerical study of granular flow in a converging hopper, (1991)  
Risto Lehtinen, Granular flow in a tall silo, (1986)  
Maija Kuusela, Ideal plastic flow in volume preserving orthoganal coordinates, (1986)  
Joseph Fehribach, Perturbation methods for solid diffusion in an infinite two phase Stefan problem: liquid-phase epitaxy in GaAlAs, (1985)  
E. Bruce Pitman, The flow of granular material in converging hoppers, (1985)  
John Goodrich, A mathematical analysis of a numerical algorithm for inert gas flow in a model avian parabronchial lung, (1983)  
Professional Affiliations

Instructor, Brandeis University, 1968-70
Assistant Professor, MIT, 1970-74
Associate Professor, MIT, 1975-78
Professor, Duke University, 1978-
James B. Duke Professor of Mathematics, Duke University, 1990-

Publications (listed separately)

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