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Biochronicity: Time, Evolution Networks

Grant Number: D12AP00001    
Funding Agency: Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency
PI: John Harer
Additional Researchers: Philip Benfey, Steve Haase, Nick Buchler,, David Botstein, Ned Wingreen,, Michael Elowitz, John Hogenesch, Josh Plotkin,, Konstantin Mischaikow, Tomas Gedeon,, Thomas Fink
Effective Dates: 2011/12-2015/12
Amount: $14,549,768

Description: I am PI for this major research grant that supports 12 PIs at 8 institutions to work on the discovery, characterization and control of cellular biological clocks. I assembled experts in Cell Cycle (Haase-Duke), Metabolic Cycle (Wingreen & Botstein - Princeton), Circadian Rhythms(Hogenesch - Penn), Gene pulsing (Elowitz -Cal Tech) and the root clock (Benfey - Duke), together with a collection of expert modelers, for the project. I go to DARPA 4 times a year to talk to the PM. We also file quarterly reports, have monthly phone reports and 2 meetings a year..
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