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Research Interests for Mark A. Stern

Research Interests: Geometric Analysis, Yang-Mills theory, Hodge theory, string theory

The focus of Professor Stern's research is the study of analytic problems arising in geometry, topology, and physics.

In recent work, Professor Stern has studied analytical, geometric, and topological questions arising from Yang-Mills theory, string theory, and Hodge theory. These have led for example to a study of (i) stability questions arising in Yang Mills theory and harmonic maps, (ii) energy minimizing connections and instantons, (iii) new Hodge structures on vector bundles, (iv) the analysis of harmonic spinors on singular spin structures, and (v) non fredholm index theories and exotic fixed point theorems.

Recent Publications
  1. Cherkis, SA; Larrain-Hubach, A; Stern, M, Instantons on multi-Taub-NUT Spaces I: Asymptotic Form and Index Theorem, Journal of Differential Geometry, vol. 119 no. 1 (December, 2021), pp. 1-72, International Press [abs]
  2. Cherkis, S; LarraĆ­n-Hubach, A; Stern, M, Instantons on multi-Taub-NUT Spaces II: Bow Construction (March, 2021) [abs]
  3. Cerbo, LFD; Stern, M, On the Betti Numbers of Finite Volume Hyperbolic Manifolds (September, 2020) [abs]
  4. Cerbo, LFD; Stern, M, Harmonic Forms, Price Inequalities, and Benjamini-Schramm Convergence (September, 2019) [abs]
  5. Cerbo, LFD; Stern, M, Price Inequalities and Betti Number Growth on Manifolds without Conjugate Points, Communications in Analysis and Geometry (August, 2019), International Press [abs]
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