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Curriculum Vitae

Philip R. Costanzo

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Duke Box 90085, Durham, NC 27708-0085 (919) 660-5717 (office)

Ph.D.University of Florida1967
Areas of Research

Social Development, Personality, and Child Clinical

Professional Service

Univ Service
University Council on Aging and Human Development, 1990-Present  
Board of Advisors – Duke Center for Child and Family Policy, 1998-Present  
Director, Spencer Foundation Discipline-Based Education Research, 2001-2004  
Member, University Committee to Restructure Program in Education, 2001-2002  
Chair, Cognitive Social Science Common Fund Initiative, 2002-2003  
Dept Services
Personnel Committee, 1987-Present  
Professional Activities
Consulting Research Director, Structure House, 1995-Present  
Visiting Professor of Psychology, Princeton University, 1999-2000  
1997-2003 Peer Review Study Section, National Institute for Drug Abuse, 1997-2003  
Chair, Centers Review Committee, National Institute of Drug Abuse, 1998-Present  
Selected Recent Invited Talks

Drinking on Campus and Policy Solutions, Panel discussion as part of Duke's Alumni Weekend activities., 18 April 2009  
Attachment and Obesity, University of Naples, Italy, 2002  
Consultation to rural mental health clinics: An Important Role for Clinical Psychologists, University of North Carolina, 2002  
The Intergenerational Transmission of Relationship Styles, University of Rome, Italy, 2002  
Parental socialization of relationship values, New York University, Developmental Interest Group, 2000  
Parents and their children: The transmission of relationship orientations, University of Conneticut, 2000  
The socialization of moral orientation in children, Princeton University, 2000  
Publications (listed separately)

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