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Publications [#322494] of Philip R. Costanzo

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Journal Articles

  1. Lakin, M; Lakin, MG; Costanzo, PR (1979). Group processes in early childhood: A dimension of human development. International Journal of Behavioral Development, 2(2), 171-183. [doi]
    (last updated on 2019/06/26)

    A family-centered view of socialization has dominated child development research literature. Particularly lacking is knowledge of the influences of group participation where it is available and encouraged. The investigators carried out an observational field study in group optimizing settings in Israel. Variables were age and setting and the study included 32 groups of children aged 11-31 divided among four age categories in two types of communal settlement with differing amounts of group exposure. Differences in group behaviors were primarily related to developmental level but setting effects were apparent. The implications of such early appearances of group behaviors are considered. © 1979, Sage Publications. All rights reserved.

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