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Publications [#322496] of Philip R. Costanzo

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Journal Articles

  1. Costanzo, PR; Reitan, HT; Shaw, ME (1968). Conformity as a function of experimentally induced minority and majority competence. Psychonomic Science, 10(10), 329-330. [doi]
    (last updated on 2019/07/21)

    Two levels of minority competence and four levels of majority competence were induced by means of bogus feedback on 10 nonpressure perceptual trials. On the ensuing 15 conformity pressure trials it was found that high competent minority Ss conformed less than low competent Ss, and there was a direct relationship between the conformity behavior of the minority Ss and the number of purportedly high competent subjects in the majority. © 1968, Psychonomic Journals. All rights reserved.

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