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Publications [#272204] of Kenneth A. Dodge

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Journal Articles

  1. Dodge, KA; McClaskey, CL; Feldman, E (1985). Situational approach to the assessment of social competence in children.. Journal of Consulting and Clinical Psychology, 53(3), 344-353. [doi]
    (last updated on 2019/12/07)

    The present study attempted to generate and evaluate a taxonomy of the situations and tasks most likely to lead deviant children to experience social difficulties. In Study 1, elementary school teachers and clinicians were asked to notice such situations as they occurred. The outcome was a 44-item Taxonomy of Problematic Social Situations for Children. This survey was administered to teachers of 45 socially rejected children and 39 adaptive children. The survey was found to have high internal consistency and high test-retest reliability. Six situation types emerged as factors in analyses: Peer Group Entry; Response to Peer Provocations; Response to Failure; Response to Success; Social Expectations; and Teacher Expectations. Teachers rated the rejected group as having more problems than the adaptive group in each situation, but particularly in Response to Peer Provocations and Teacher Expectations. In Study 2, 15 items within the six factors were presented in hypothetical format to 39 clinic-referred rejected aggressive children and 34 adaptive children, who were asked to role-play their responses. The items, in particular the provocation items, again differentiated the two groups. Sex and age differences were also found. The usefulness of this taxonomy in a three-step model of clinical assessment is proposed. © 1985 American Psychological Association.

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