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Publications [#272243] of Kenneth A. Dodge

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Journal Articles

  1. Boivin, M; Dodge, KA; Coie, JD (1995). Individual-group behavioral similarity and peer status in experimental play groups of boys: the social misfit revisited.. Journal of Personality and Social Psychology, 69(2), 269-279. [7643305], [doi]
    (last updated on 2019/12/12)

    This study evaluated individual-group similarity and dissimilarity hypotheses generally stipulating that the behavioral correlates of status are moderated by the peer group context in which they are displayed. Thirty play groups of 5 or 6 unacquainted same-age boys participated in five 45-min sessions. Five behaviors described group and individual characteristics: reactive aggression, proactive aggression, solitary play, rough-and-tumble play, and positive interactive behavior. Individual social preference scores were computed following a variant of the J. D. Coie and K. A. Dodge (1983) procedure. The behavioral correlates of emerging peer status were examined as a function of the group's behavioral norms. Evidence of a dissimilarity effect was found for solitary play and reactive aggression whereas positive interactive behavior followed a rule of similarity.

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