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Publications [#201601] of David Rabiner

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Edited Volumes

  1. H.R. White & D.L. Rabiner, Editors (Ed.). (November 14, 2011). College Student Drinking and Drug Use: Multiple Perspectives on a Complex Problem.. Guilford Press. [duke_series&cart_id=719433.30464]
    (last updated on 2012/04/10)

    Substance use among college students can result in serious academic and safety problems and have long-term negative repercussions. This state-of-the-art volume draws on the latest research on students’ alcohol and drug use to provide useful suggestions for how to address this critical issue on college campuses. Leading researchers from multiple disciplines examine the prevalence and nature of substance use by students; biological and neuropsychological considerations; psychological and social aspects; prevention; and policy. Exemplary programs are presented—including brief interventions, comprehensive prevention programs, and recovery support programs—enhancing the utility of the book for campus-based clinicians and administrators.

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