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Publications [#253540] of David Rabiner

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Journal Articles

  1. Murray, DW; Rabiner, DL; Hardy, KK (2011). Teacher management practices for first graders with attention problems.. Journal of Attention Disorders, 15(8), 638-645. [20837985], [doi]
    (last updated on 2022/01/24)



    To examine whether teacher reports of accommodations and interventions for inattentive first graders are consistent with best practice guidelines.


    A total of 36 teachers completed the Teacher Management Questionnaire (TMQ) for 92 students in five predominantly low-income, minority schools. The TMQ is a newly developed measure designed to assess the frequency with which teachers implement a variety of accommodations and interventions with individual students. Additional teacher and student background data were collected on the inattentive sample, including behavior ratings and academic testing.


    Teachers reported variable implementation of different management strategies, with more frequent use of class-wide structure and organizational interventions, and less frequent assignment modifications and individual behavior plans. Greater use of some strategies was reported for inattentive students and those with additional risk characteristics such as oppositional behavior and school-based referrals.


    Teachers appear to differentiate some management strategies based on the presence of attention problems, although their self-reported implementation is not well aligned with best practice guidelines.

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