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Curriculum Vitae

Lynn Smith-Lovin

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Box 90088, Duke University, Durham, NC 27708-0088 (919) 660-5786 (office)
919-436-1033 (home)

Ph.D.University of North Carolina - Chapel Hill1978
M.A.University of North Carolina - Chapel Hill1976
BAUniversity of North Carolina at Chapel Hill1973
B.A.University of North Carolina - Chapel Hill1972
Areas of Interest

Social Psychology,
Group Processes

Professional Experience / Employment History

Duke University
Robert L. Wilson Professor of Sociology, 2004 - present
Affiliated Faculty, Duke Interdiscipnary Initiative in Social Psychology, 2003 - present
Professor, Sociology, Fall 2003-present
Affiliated Faculty, Women's Studies, Fall 2003-present
University of Arizona, Tucson, AZ
Professor, Department of Sociology, 7/91-8/03
Cornell University, Ithaca, NY
Associate Professor, Department of Sociology, 7/88-7/91
Visiting Associate Professor, Department of Sociology, 7/87-7/88
University of South Carolina, Columbia, SC
Associate Professor (tenured), Department of Sociology, 7/82-7/88
Assistant Professor, Department of Sociology, 1/79-7/82
Awards, Honors, and Distinctions

Social Psychology Section- Cooley-Mead Award, American Sociological Association
Cooley-Mead Award for Lifetime Achievements in Sociological Social Psychology, Section on Social Psychology. American Sociological Association, 2006
Lifetime Achievement Award, Sociologu of Emotions, American Sociological Association, 2005, August, 2005
Sociology of Emotions Section- Lifetime Achievement Award, American Sociological Association
Robert L. Wilson Professor of Arts and Sciences, May, 2004
Outstanding Teacher Award, Mortor Board National Senior Honor Society, 1999
Morris K. Udall Fellow, 1992-3
Howard W. Odum Award, Department of Sociology, University of North Carolina, 1977
Selected Recent Invited Talks

Interpreting Events in Arabic, Vanderbilt, April 2, 2013  
Sociolect-Based Community Detection, San Francisco, CA, 19 April 2013  
ASA Thematic Session on "Conflicting Notions of Human Persons in Sociology,", Chicago, IL, August, 2011  
Author Meets Critics session on Ruef's new book, Princeton Department of Sociology, April 2011  
Impression Change in Arabic- and English-Speakers, Chantilly VA, February 2011  
"Surveying Cultural Knowledge: An Affect Control Approach to Generative Value Systems", Theoretical and Methodological Issues in the Study of Values and Values Change in Islamic Countries , Cairo, Egypt, May 16-18, 2010  
Surveying Cultural Knowledge: An Affect Control Approach to Generative Value Systems, Theoretical and Methodological Issues in the Study of Values and Values Change in Islamic Countries , Cairo, Egypt, 2 February 2010  
Research Examining Emotional Reactions to Over-Reward, UNC Social Psychology Lecture Series, February 1, 2010  
"Theoretical Bases for Cultural Training Models", Workshop on Cultural Education and Training: Developing Intercultural Adaptability in the Warfighter. Human, Social, Culture, and Behavior Modeling Program (Office of the Secretary of Defense), the Office of Naval Research, the Combating Terrorism Technical Support Office, and the U.S. Army Research Institute., November 3-4, 2009  
Social Embeddedness and Human Development: The Source of "Self", Carolina Consortium on Human Development, January 28, 2008  
"Social distance in America: Changing patterns of racial, religious and educational connection", Cornell University, School of Industrial and Labor Relations, April 20, 2007  
"Social distance in America: Changing patterns of racial, religious and educational connection", University of Texas, Austin, April 27, 2007  
Mixed Emotions: The Structure of Situations, Conference on Social Structure and Emotion, University of Georgia, April 5-7, 2006  
"Networks, Identity and Emotion: Toward an Ecology of Identity", Cooley-Mead Address, American Sociological Association meetings, 2006  
“Network Formation, Maintenance, and Dissolution.”, Conference on Networks in Context: The Interpenetration of Social Networks and Culture, University of Pennsylvania, 2006  
"New Theoretical Developments in Identity and Emotion", American Sociological Association, Invited Panel for Social Psychology Section, August 14, 2005  
"Cultural Change and Family Values: Using Affective Meanings to Model Behavioral Change", National Institute of Health, Washington, DC, June 13, 2005  
"Maintaining the identities of others: The social aspects of identity control", Alpha Kappa Delta Honorary Society Lecture, University of Akron, April 22, 2005  
"Identity and Emotion", Invited Panel on Theoretical Progress in the Sociology of Emotion, August, 2004  
"The Value of Formal Theory", American Sociological Association Theory Section Invited Panel, August 2003  
"The Managed Heart: 20 Years Later", American Sociological Association Invited Panel, August 2003  
Invited panelist, Town Hall Meeting with Norm Bradburn, SBE Director, NSF, American Sociological ASsociation, August, 2002  
Invited paper, Conference on Social Connectedness and Public Activism, Center for American Political Studies, Harvard University, May, 2002  
Invited paper, Presidential Plenary Session, "Gender: Identity and Group Processes", Southern Sociological Society, April, 2002  
Invited lecture, "An Ecology of Identities", Theory Workshop, University of Iowa, October, 2001  
Invited lecture, "Social Networks and Group Processes", Society for Experimental Social Psychologists, October, 2001  
Invited panelist, "Sociologists as Expert Witnesses", American Sociological Association, August, 2001  
Presidential Address, "Core Concepts and Common Ground", Southern Sociological Society, April, 1999  
Doctoral Theses Directed

Gerald W. Mollenhorst, (Spring 2009)  
Stephen Nelson, (Defended, University of Arizona, August)  
Publications (listed separately)

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