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Publications of Lynn Smith-Lovin    :chronological  alphabetical  combined  bibtex listing:

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Articles and Chapters

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Work In Progress

  1. with Smith-Lovin, L; Moskovitz, C "A Very Short Guide to Writing in Sociology."  Oxford University Press (under contract), 2013
  2. Smith-Lovin, L "Podcast."  2010
  3. with Smith-Lovin, L; McPherson, M "Book manuscript, Networks and Niches in an Ecology of Affiliation."  in process
  4. with Smith-Lovin, L; Robinson, DT "Book manuscript, Identity, Interaction and Emotion."  In process
  5. with Smith-Lovin, L; Clay-Warner, J; Robinson, DT "Emotional Reactions to Over-Reward."  In progress

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