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Jorgianne I. Hicks, Lecturing Fellow of Psychology & Neuroscience

Jorgianne I. Hicks
Contact Info:
Office Location:  9
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MSUniversity of Kentucky2003
BAUniversity of Kentucky2001

Social Psychology
Research Interests: Hoyle

Current projects: (Collaborators appear in parentheses), Exclusion and self-esteem (R. Hoyle), Ranking and inclusionary status(R. Smith & C. Powell)

    My primary research focuses on the influence of rejection or exclusion experiences on self-regulation and self-esteem. Additionally, I am very interested in the complex interplay between self-evaluative and social comparative processes.
    Recently, I have also developed great respect for meta-analytic investigations of social psychological findings and social policy-relevant practices. Accordingly, another one of my academic interests has become research synthesis, broadly-applied.         This semester I am conducting my dissertation research, examining the influence of sustained focus on rejection cues on self-evaluative and self-regulatory outcomes.

Areas of Interest:

social comparison

Curriculum Vitae
Representative Publications   (More Publications)   (search)

  1. Robinson, J. C., Hoyle, R. H., Cooper, H., & Smith, R. H (Submitted, 2006). Self-evaluative consequences of social comparisons of physical attractiveness: A meta-analytic review.  [abs]
  2. Cooper, H; Robinson, JC; Patall, EA (2006). Does homework improve academic achievement? A synthesis of research, 1987-2003. Review of Educational Research, 76(1), 1-62. [doi]  [abs]
  3. Hoyle, R. H., & Robinson, J. C. "Mediated and moderated effects in social psychological research: Measurement, design, and analysis issues." Handbook of methods in social psychology. Ed. C. Sansone, C. Morf, & A. T. Panter Sage, 2003
  4. Cooper, H., Robinson, J. C., & Dorr, N. "Conducting a meta-analysis." Psychology research handbook: A primer for graduate students and research assistants. Ed. T. L. Leong & J. T. (2nd ed.)Sage, 2005

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