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Publications of Patty Van Cappellen    :chronological  alphabetical  combined  bibtex listing:

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Journal Articles

  1. Van Cappellen, P; Fredrickson, BL; Saroglou, V; Corneille, O (2017). Religiosity and the motivation for social affiliation. Personality and Individual Differences, 113, 24-31. [doi]
  2. Van Cappellen, P; Way, BM; Isgett, SF; Fredrickson, BL (2016). Effects of oxytocin administration on spirituality and emotional responses to meditation. Social Cognitive and Affective Neuroscience, 11(10), 1579-1587. [doi]
  3. Clobert, M; Van Cappellen, P; Bourdon, M; Cohen, AB (2016). Good day for Leos: Horoscope's influence on perception, cognitive performances, and creativity. Personality and Individual Differences, 101, 348-355. [doi]
  4. Van Cappellen, P; Toth-Gauthier, M; Saroglou, V; Fredrickson, BL (2016). Religion and Well-Being: The Mediating Role of Positive Emotions. Journal of Happiness Studies, 17(2), 485-505. [doi]
  5. Van Cappellen, P; Saroglou, V; Toth-Gauthier, M (2016). Religiosity and Prosocial Behavior Among Churchgoers: Exploring Underlying Mechanisms. The International Journal for the Psychology of Religion, 26(1), 19-30. [doi]
  6. Van Oyen, G; Van Cappellen, P (2015). Mark 15,34 and the real reader: the Results of an empirical survey. Ephemerides Theologica Lovanienses, 91, 569-599-569-599.
  7. Van Cappellen, P; Saroglou, V; Iweins, C; Piovesana, M; Fredrickson, BL (2013). Self-transcendent positive emotions increase spirituality through basic world assumptions. Cognition and Emotion, 27(8), 1378-1394. [doi]
  8. Van Cappellen, P; Saroglou, V (2012). Awe activates religious and spiritual feelings and behavioral intentions.. Psychology of Religion and Spirituality, 4(3), 223-236. [doi]
  9. Van Cappellen, P (2012). La fierté dans les Psaumes, ou le paradoxe de la glorification de soi en Dieu. [Pride in the Psalms, or the paradox of self-glorification in God]. Revue Théologique de Louvain, 43, 341-362.
  10. Van Cappellen, P; Corneille, O; Cols, S; Saroglou, V (2011). Beyond Mere Compliance to Authoritative Figures: Religious Priming Increases Conformity to Informational Influence Among Submissive People. The International Journal for the Psychology of Religion, 21(2), 97-105. [doi]
  11. Van Cappellen, P (2011). Un rituel collectif: Analyse de 1 Ch 15-16 selon le modèle de E. Durkheim [A collective ritual : analyze of 1 Chr 15-16 from E. Durkheim’s perspective]. Scandinavian Journal of the Old Testament, 25, 289-302.
  12. Saroglou, V; Corneille, O; Van Cappellen, P (2009). “Speak, Lord, Your Servant Is Listening”: Religious Priming Activates Submissive Thoughts and Behaviors. The International Journal for the Psychology of Religion, 19(3), 143-154. [doi]

Chapters in Books

  1. Van Cappellen, P; Rimé, B "Positive emotions and self-transcendence." Religion, Personality, and Social Behavior. PSYCHOLOGY PRESS, July, 2013  [abs]

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