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Publications [#358716] of Patty Van Cappellen

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Journal Articles

  1. Van Cappellen, P (2012). Pride in the Psalms or the paradox of self-glorification in God. Revue Theologique De Louvain, 43(3), 341-362. [doi]
    (last updated on 2021/10/21)

    This article studies the emotion of pride in the Book of Psalms. In order to better understand the different types and functions of pride, it makes reference to the knowledge which has been accumulated in psychology concerning this emotion. Then, using a ┬źnarrative┬╗ analysis of certain Psalms, the similarities and specificities of the experience of pride in these poems are highlighted. It emerges how an emotion which, more than any other, is characterized by the focalisation on the self and the glorification of the self is able, or unable, to open up to the recognition of God. This allows one to overcome the unique conception of pride as an undesirable emotion (hubris) and to take into account the cases where pride is the path to personal and community fulfilment and to fulfilment in the relationship with God.

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