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Sarah E. Gaither, Nicholas J. and Theresa M. Leonardy Associate Professor

Sarah E. Gaither
Contact Info:
Office Location:  417 Chapel Drive, 324 Reuben-Cooke Building, Durham, NC 27708
Office Phone:  (919) 660-5721
Email Address:   send me a message
Web Page:

Teaching (Fall 2023):

  • Psy 763s.01, P&n first year seminar i Synopsis
    Reuben-coo 238, Tu 11:45 AM-01:00 PM

Ph.D.Tufts University2014
M.S.Tufts University2009
B.A.University of California - Berkeley2007
Recent Publications   (More Publications)   (search)

  1. Adekunle, TA; Knowles, JM; Hantzmon, SV; DasGupta, MN; Pollak, KI; Gaither, SE (2023). A qualitative analysis of trust and distrust within patient-clinician interactions.. Pec Innovation, 3, 100187. [doi]  [abs]
  2. Albuja, AF; Muñoz, M; Kinzler, K; Woodward, A; Gaither, SE (2023). Hypodescent or ingroup overexclusion?: Children's and adults' racial categorization of ambiguous black/white biracial faces.. Developmental Science, e13450. [doi]  [abs]
  3. Chen, JM; Meyers, C; Pauker, K; Gaither, SE; Hamilton, DL; Sherman, JW (2023). Intergroup Context Moderates the Impact of White Americans' Identification on Racial Categorization of Ambiguous Faces.. Personality & Social Psychology Bulletin, 1461672231190264. [doi]  [abs]
  4. Gaither, SE; Chen, C-M; Neal, S; Chien, SH-L (2023). Children's cross-cultural categorizations of racially ambiguous faces in Taiwan and the U.S.. Cultural Diversity & Ethnic Minority Psychology, 29(3), 385-396. [doi]  [abs]
  5. Levy, A; Nguyen, C; Slepian, ML; Gaither, S; Pauker, K; Dovidio, JF (2023). Categorizing a Face and Facing a Category: The Constructive Impacts of Ambiguity and Uncertainty in Racial Categorization.. Personality & Social Psychology Bulletin, 49(6), 910-924. [doi]  [abs]

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